Peter Petrovsky, PE, CE, ME 

Peter Petrovsky, PE, has provided services as a consultant and an expert witness in applied civil and mechanical engineering science, building, infrastructure, and earthwork contracting. His strength and experience is to successfully combine engineering and applied mechanics with the field experience and contracting skills. His shirtsleeve approach to problem solving gives him the ability to distill complex technical issues to a palatable presentation in the appropriate forum. He has served in over 500 plaintiff and defense cases. Assisted counsel on cases in California, New York, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Kentucky, and Nevada. His word of advice to attorneys and carriers is to consult with an expert at the onset of a dispute rather than to wait for time to designate. A seasoned expert will give you focus and bearing that will save you time and money.

With Peter Petrovsky You Get Five Experts In One! 

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I develop technical and factual evidence foundation development in the case. Hands on, shirt-sleeve, field investigation and data acquisition. Testing and analysis. Trial preparation case analysis, deposition review and expert summary, evidence presentation, consulting, report writing, court exhibits, static and computer depictions, construction and engineering contract analysis, accident reconstruction, interpretation of administrative regulations for design and development, Earthquake Damage Assessment and Remediation, etc.

I package civil, mechanical engineering, as well as, general, engineering, earthwork and paving and hazardous waste contracting into one package for the use of my clients. Construction job site safety in fire prevention and personnel protection.

I will take whatever steps necessary to address any foreseeable issues in the case in order to inform clients and prevent surprises at depositions and at trial.


Accident Investigations:

  • Heavy equipment accidents
  • Lifts & Cranes
  • Construction Disputes / Insurance claims
  • Thermography services and analysis
  • Three dimensional animated court exhibits  

Civil Engineering:

  • Design of Buildings
  • Residential, industrial, commercial site plans
  • Land development / site-work
  • Roadways, sidewalks, ramps, parking lots, lighting
  • Septic systems, sewers
  • Scaffolds & scaffolding
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundation failure / structural damage
  • Plumbing leaks, water intrusion
  • Earthquake Assessment and Remediation
  • Stucco and pigmentation 

Materials Issues and Failure Analysis:

  • Mechanisms, components and machinery, equipment guarding
  • Materials selections, castings, steel, plastics and elastomers
  • Laboratory testing for strength, fatigue, spring rate and vibration
  • Microscopic investigation of welds and fractures 

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Design:

  • Machine safety, heavy equipment accidents, design and failure analysis
  • Strength of materials, wood, metals, plastics 
Environmental Assessment: 
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Asbestos use in the industry, historical and current
  • Job site fire protection standards



  • Subject Matter Expert for State of California
  • Registered Professional Engineer - Mechanical & Civil, California
  • General Engineering and General Building Contractor, CA
  • Additional Classifications C-12 License Board SME - Earthwork and Paving
  • Thermographer - Level 1


  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Scaffold Institute
  • National Wood Flooring Association